AAEA Choices Article: “Will China Import More Corn?” by Bryan Lohmar

In Choices – an online magazine of Food, Farm and Resource Issues (http://www.choicesmagazine.org/choices-magazine) has published an article by Bryan Lohmar addressing the issue of “Will China Import More Corn?“.  The online web address for this article and its summary statement can be found below:

“Will China Import More Corn?” by Bryan Lohmar


Summary Findings:

“China has made enormous achievements in building a robust and modern livestock industry and can be expected to continue supporting the development of this industry.  This will likely, ultimately, lead to policies that liberalize corn imports and cause corn prices to converge toward import parity levels, which in turn will increase corn demand as livestock producers switch back to corn.  But the continued consolidation of the industry into larger and more modern operations that can compete with producers in other countries will be slowed as they learn to adjust to the external costs of handling livestock emissions in ways that reduce environmental degradation.  Thus, as demand for animal products continues to grow, and the industry continues to modernize and adjust to new realities, we will likely see imports of both feed products and animal products rise, with corn being a key component of these trends.”



Source of image: https://www.agra-net.net/agra/public-ledger/commodities/grains/corn/chinas-corn-imports-decline-ukraine-shipments-jump-467434.htm


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