“Deep Numbers” Analysis of the September 12, 2017 USDA Crop Production and WASDE Reports

A “deep numbers” analysis of the results of the September 12, 2017 USDA Crop Production and WASDE (World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates) reports are provided by Kansas State University.  This numbers analysis is available at the KSU AgManager.info website at the following web address:


The September 2017 USDA Crop Production report considered and reported the conditions of major U.S. crops in early September, giving projections of final acreage, yields, and production of U.S. corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, and other crops.

The September 2017 USDA WASDE report considered projected supply-demand and price projections for U.S. crops, and supply-demand prospects for global and country-by-country analysis for the period covering the New Crop” 2017/18 Marketing Years, Old Crop” MY 2016/17, and MY 2015/16 supply-demand and price prospects.

This “deep numbers” analysis considers how the September 12th USDA Crop Production and WASDE report results compare to pre-report trade expectations, last month’s report estimates, and previous years.

World Wheat, Corn, Coarse Grain and Soybean supply demand numbers are also considered in an extended look at production, exports, imports, food-industrial and seed use (for corn and coarse grains), food use (for wheat), crush (soybeans), feed and residual use (corn, coarse grains and wheat), ending stocks, and % ending stocks to use.

Selections from this “deep numbers” WASDE report analysis are as follows:




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