USDA Grain Transportation Report – Overview of U.S. Grain Transportation and Exports in March 2017

The March 30th USDA Grain Transportation Report from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service focuses focuses on grain transportation and export trends critical to U.S. grain markets.   The pace of U.S. grain exports in the “current” 2016/17 marketing years for U.S. corn and soybeans is evidenced in these numbers and their impact on the U.S. rail, river, truck, and ocean transportation systems.

This report also shows the amount of U.S. hard red winter wheat exports relative to other U.S. classes of grain, and also where and by what means grain is flowing in the U.S. (i.e., via the Mississippi and Missouri River System to the Gulf of Mexico, rail to the Pacific Northwest, and via the St. Lawrence Seaway)

This is great information to consider in trying to understand the factors affecting U.S. grain markets.   Following is a selection of the information in this report, with a full report provided at the USDA AMS website.



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