2016 KSU Risk and Profit Conference – Soybean Market Outlook (Bill Tierney – AgResource)

The Kansas State University Department of Agricultural Economics held is 2016 Risk and Profit Conference on Thursday-Friday, August 18-19, 2016 in Manhattan, Kansas.

Following are parts of the presentation by Bill Tierney, Chief Economist at AgResource, Chicago, Illinois titled A Long-Term View of Crop Prices: The Landscape Has Changed for US Crop Ag“.  

Following is Bill Tierney bio info:

Dr. William I. Tierney, Jr. PhD, is the Chief Economist for AgResource Company (Chicago). He joined the firm in October 2011. He has over 35 years of experience as an agricultural economist primarily in the area of
global crop market analysis. For 20 years Bill was a Professor in the Department of Ag Economics at Kansas State University. From 2003-2006, Bill served as the USDA’s Principal Grains Economist. In that capacity, Bill was in charge of the USDA’s monthly supply/demand projections and price forecasts for wheat and feed grains.
Other positions that Bill has held include: (1) Exec VP for Research for a national brokerage firm that served mostly US ethanol plants; (2) Head of North American Research for an international agribusiness consulting firm; (3) General Manager of Doane Advisory Services; and (4) Senior Ag Analyst for a Cargill commodity hedge fund. Just prior to joining AgResource, Bill served in Iraq for a year as a senior agricultural advisor for the US government. Bill is a graduate of Michigan State University and the University of Missouri.

This presentation was given on Friday, August 19th in the morning session.

Here is the part of that presentation focusing on Long Term Soybean Market Outlook

Long Term Soybean Market Outlook (Tierney – AgResource)

Slide48 Slide49 Slide50 Slide51 Slide52 Slide53 Slide54 Slide55 Slide56 Slide57 Slide58 Slide59


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