USDA Ag Outlook Forum Info on the Ag Economy, Trade Agreements, Farm Income/Land Values, & Precision Ag

2016 Agricultural Outlook Forum, Transforming Agriculture, February 25 to 26, 2016, Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel, Arlington, Virginia

Following are a number of the important presentations from the 2016 USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum held February 25-26, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia.

A. Overall Agricultural Outlook Forum website

B. Farm Sector Income & Finances – 2016 Outlook (Ryan Kuhns & Kevin Patrick, ERS)

C. Trends in Farm Household Income and Assets (Dennis Prager, ERS)

D. Business and Credit Cycles in Agriculture (Todd Kuethe, University of Illinois)

E. The Trans Pacific Partnership and You (Jason Hafemeister, Foreign Ag Service)

F. Agriculture and Trade Agreements (Craig Thorn, DTB Associates LLP)

G. Opportunities for U.S. Beef Exports (Ken Bacus, NCBA)

H. Steering the Best Talent Towards Colleges of Agriculture (Jay Akridge, Purdue)

I. Shepherding Millenials To & Through Agricultural Careers (Tomesah Harrison, Bayer)

J. Drones and Data: An Update on Farmer Data (Thatcher, American Farm Bureau)

K. Incorporating Big Data into Market News Reporting (Joe Gaynor, USDA AMS)

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