KSU “by the numbers” Analysis of USDA Dec. 10th Reports – U.S. and Foreign S-D Changes and Trends

A KSU “quick analysis” worksheet of the key grain marketing-related information found in the December 10th USDA Crop Production and World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) reports can be found on the Kansas State University AgManager.info website (http://www.agmanager.info/).

The specific web address for this downloadable MS Excel Spreadsheet is found here:  http://www.agmanager.info/marketing/outlook/newletters/default.asp

The spreadsheet contains a comparison of USDA December 2014 U.S. and Foreign grain supply-demand forecasts for the “new crop” 2014/15 marketing year for corn, wheat, soybeans and grain sorghum, with comparisons to a) pre-report trade estimates, and b) last month’s (November 2014) USDA grain production and supply-demand.  Key information is contained on the following:

A. United States’, Brazil, Argentina and Total World crop production forecasts for 2014/2015 corn, grain sorghum, wheat and soybeans.

B. Updated U.S. & World ending stocks projections for the “new crop” 2014/15 marketing year for major crops (corn, sorghum, wheat, and soybeans).

C. Updated U.S. & World ending stocks projections for the “new crop” 2014/15 marketing year for major crops & crop categories (corn, coarse grains, wheat, and soybeans).

The worksheet also contains a more extensive foreign country-by-country analysis of the December 10, 2014 WASDE report results in regards to World wheat, coarse grain, corn and soybean supply-demand, focusing on country-by-country (or region-by-region in many cases) projections of production, imports, exports, domestic feed use, total domestic use, ending stocks, and stocks-to-use.


Gyp Hills Scenic Drive, West of Medicine Lodge, Kansas (Source: http://www.getruralkansas.org/Medicine-Lodge/218Explore/1316.shtml)


A Kansas Field & Grassland During Winter with Snow Cover – in the Red Hills Area (source: http://www.kssos.org/about/about_ks_archive.html)


A aerial view of a Kansas wheat field (Source: http://www.kshs.org/p/wheat-people-part-1/10869)


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