“The Efficiency of Corn and Grain Sorghum Production in Kansas” from the KSU 2013 Risk and Profit Conference

A presentation on “Corn and Grain Sorghum Production Efficiency in Kansas” was given at the  2013 KSU Risk and Profit Conference held at the Kansas State University Alumni Center in Manhattan, Kansas on Wednesday-Thursday, August 21-22, 2013.  All presentations given at the 2013 KSU Risk and Profit Conference are available at the following web site: http://www.agmanager.info/events/risk_profit/2013/Papers.asp

This presentation examines a number of relevant issues important to farmer’s decisions to grow either corn or grain sorghum under irrigated and dryland conditions in Kansas.  The complete presentation to be found at the following web address: http://www.agmanager.info/events/risk_profit/2013/Papers/9_OBrien_CropProductionEfficiency.pdf


A Kansas Grain Sorghum Field (Source: http://www.kssorghum.com/)

A number of issues of critical importance to Kansas Agriculture and the Kansas Corn Commission were addressed in this project.  This report addresses the following issues.

  1. Identification of key morphological, physiological, and developmental characteristics of corn and grain sorghum that determine each crop’s productive capabilities in comparison to one another
  2. Breakeven yield levels for dryland corn and grain sorghum and the impact of environmental factors
  3. The impact of recently developed drought tolerant corn hybrids
  4. Water use efficiency and breakeven yield levels for irrigated corn and grain sorghum based on both production and economic net returns
  5. Soil moisture use by corn and grain sorghum during fall postharvest periods
  6. Analysis of historical trends for corn and grain sorghum harvested area and prices in Kansas
  7. Comparison of nutrient and pesticide use and use efficiencies of the two crops
  8. How crop rotations, growing seasons, and other factors affect corn and sorghum enterprises
  9. Determine how farmer’s economic cost efficiency is affected by production of corn, grain sorghum, and other crop and livestock enterprises in Kansas.


A Kansas Corn Field (Source: http://kansasagnetwork.com/2013/)

This research was funded by a grant from the Kansas Corn Commission.  The following authors were involved in this study:

(Lead) Daniel O’Brien, Extension Ag Economist – KSU Agricultural Economics & NWAEO

Kraig Roozeboom, Associate Professor, KSU Agronomy

Loyd Stone, Professor – Soil & Water Management, KSU Agronomy

Alan Schlegel, Professor and Agronomist-In-Charge, SWREC, KSU Agronomy

Curtis Thompson, Professor, KSU Agronomy

Mykel Taylor, Assistant Professor, KSU Agricultural Economics

William Golden, Research Assistant Professor, KSU Agricultural Economics

Michael Langemeier, Professor, (formerly KSU), now Purdue Dept. of Agricultural Economics

Keith Janssen, Associate Professor – EC Kansas Experiment Field, KSU Agronomy (Retired)

Yared Assefa Mulisa, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, KSU Agronomy

Marcus Brix, Graduate Student, KSU Agricultural Economics


Grain Elevator in Sublette, Kansas (Haskell County) (Source: http://bikefordiabetes.com/)



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