Kansas Wheat Field in Poor Condition (from Bill Spiegel – Kansas Wheat Growers Association)

Bill Spiegel of Kansas wheat has put out this picture of Kansas wheat in the field. The poor condition shown here is not just a selective picture taken of an unrepresentative field, but is indicative of wheat field conditions in large parts of western Kansas. Thanks to Bill and Kansas Wheat for making this available.

The Wheat Beat

Despite various amounts of rain and snow throughout Kansas since Christmas, the Kansas wheat crop is in poor shape, based on reports from directors of the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and personal observations occurring Jan. 15-Jan. 21.

KAWG directors met Jan. 15 at a board meeting in Manhattan; the wheat crop ranges from good condition on directors’ farms in Stafford, Dickinson and Mitchell counties, to very poor in western Kansas.

David Schemm, who farms near Sharon Spring, says wheat plants are brown right now, when usually they have a green cast in the winter dormancy period. He dug up a few brown plants, planted them in buckets of dirt and let them thaw out…after several days, they became green again, albeit sans a lot of plant vigor. “Still, there is a little life in those plants,” Schemm says.

Richard Kvasnicka, who farms in Logan County near Winona, says the…

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