Welcome to the “Focused on Grains” blog on grain marketing related topics and issues

Thank you for visiting the “Focused on Grains” blog.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an expanded outlet for the work of myself (Daniel O’Brien, KSU Extension Agricultural Economist) in the subject matter area of grain market analysis and outlook.

The main public outlet for grain marketing information via the KSU Agricultural Economics Department is through the KSU AgManager website, found at the following web address (www.Agmanager.info).

A number of my colleagues develop and present outstanding grain and livestock-related information (see the list of AgManager contributors at the following website: http://www.agmanager.info/about/contributors/default.asp).

The information posted here is intended to focus exclusively on grain marketing and bioenergy related issues, and is sort of the “overflow” of grain marketing-related information posted on the KSU Agmanager website.  For instance, most of the articles posted in the KSU Grain Marketing newsletter and other associated articles will be found here.  But in addition, this website is intended to provide an vehicle for me to cite, quote and respond to other grain marketing related applied research, media articles, and/or hot topics in the grain markets.  Questions, comments and hot discussion are certainly welcome.  My hope is that this “KSUGrains” blog will help me do a better job of reaching out those of you vitally interested in grain and bioenergy markets such as I am.

Of course the following disclaimer is needed, i.e., that we will strictly avoid discussion of topics that are irrelevant to grain and bioenergy markets, and to agricultural issues in particular.

So, thanks again for viewing this blog.  I hope it serves you well and keeps me better informed in regards to what you folks are seeing “out there in the country”.

Daniel O’Brien, Extension Agricultural Economist, Kansas State University (785-462-6281, dobrien@ksu.edu)


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